Fearlessly take on your next sugar flower

In this course you will expand your technique toolbox that you can apply to all of your sugar flowers, get the colours you’ve always wanted and seriously impress your clients, friends and family with realistic flowers. 

All of this without buying expensive silicone molds, unnecessary tools, and learning the shortcuts to stress-free (and dare I say fun!) sugar flower making.

Before I tell you everything about this course, let’s talk about who it’s really for…

You want to learn the techniques of creating stunning sugar flowers but also want to be able to transfer those techniques to more than just a couple of flowers. You dream of creating elegant sugar flowers that will blow away your future clients, friends, and family and take your cakes to the next level.

  • A new and budding cake decorator who can bake a delicious cake but has only just dipped their toe in the world of sugar flowers and you already find it to be so exciting and invigorating

  • A cake creator with years under your belt, wanting to shift your clientele and business’ aesthetic to high-end, elegant cakes that align fully with your artistic vision

  • An experienced cake decorator who wants to spend time on the creative side of your business instead of re-creating other people’s work. You might also want to refine your artistic vision so that you can create work that reflects your true self and build a portfolio of what you want to create moving forward


From Students Just Like You!

I Have a Deeper Understanding of Realistic Sugar Flowers


I struggled before with thinning my petals, they always looked too thick. I learned how to use my ball tool and veining tool correctly to give my petals movement. I learned how to properly dry petals, realistic dusting techniques and the list goes on. I have a much deeper understanding of creating sugar flowers now. I’ve received so many compliments from friends & family, they say my flowers look so realistic and that was my main goal which I couldn’t have achieved without the Perfect Peony Course.

Love and Recommend

Stefanie M

I loved this course! I made amazing peonies and flowers from the 5 day challenge on my first try. The Facebook group is indispensable. Alexandria and others are always available for help. The course was full of content, clear and well put together. I would recommend it to anyone looking to take their decorating skills to the next level. It is not just spending money on a class it will be investing in your future and business.

Time Saving & Feeling Motivated


It's been a wonderful experience with you and all the amazing flower friends from the academy . Absolutely loving all the appreciation . The perfect peony course is just incredible and detailed from stem to calyx! In a matter of minutes it took my skill to a much higher level . The main thing I feel is I wouldn't have managed to create such flowers in years on my own . Such a time saver ! The ironic part I didn't touch my collection of peony cutters 🤭 only just the basic teardrop .

Confident & Inspired


Before Alexandria's Peony course my flowers just did not have the finish. I was always struggling with petals to get them really thin. I also had lots of issues with dusting. After the course and completing my first peony I feel confident enough to try any flower. I feel I have really cracked the realistic dusting effect as well. I could see that my petals were thinner and the finish was definitely closer to what I was looking to achieve. I was so inspired by the flowers and cakes over at Finespun Cakes and am so grateful to have discovered Alexandria.

If you absolutely love creating sugar flowers...

You’ve probably been told you need to buy new veiners, cutters and tools for each flower.

That’s the only way! Right?

Absolutely not.

You need to build new techniques, understand how best to use and manipulate your gumpaste, and you can take on any flower with confidence.

(Yes, you do need some tools, but not as many as you'd think!)

It’s time to stop messing around and wasting your time and money and just learn these proven techniques

Here’s why you’re not getting the sugar flower results you want:

  • REASON 1: Have you invested in yourself?

    I’m talking about books, courses, and practice. No matter how fabulous you are, you will always learn something new from someone else’s experience. And you’d be crazy not to save yourself that time! It takes dedication to perfect a craft. Want your 1st flower to look like someone else’s 1000th? It probably won’t happen. But with the right guidance and techniques your 10th will look better than someone else’s 100th :)

  • REASON 2: Do you have the right tools & equipment?

    I’ve been harping on about not needing fancy things but you do need the basics. If you haven’t invested in a pasta machine yet, your petals just won’t get to that elusive thinness. If you don’t have the right gumpaste recipe, your flowers may fall flat. Invest where it counts, ignore where it doesn’t.

  • REASON 3: Are you passionate about this artform?

    Time for some tough love- do you actually want to improve or do you want a magic wand to do it for you? Maybe you just love baking and want to use fresh flowers, that’s totally fine! You have to not only want to do this in your free time, but get excited to do be able to do it!


Creating the Perfect Gumpaste Peony!

A complete A-Z course for sugar flower creators from making a batch of gumpaste to arranging your Perfect Peony onto a cake. From lifeless meh flowers to WOW are those real?

I've taken everything I've learned from 8 years of sugar flower making, creating hundreds of wedding cakes and countless hours invested.

These techniques are used weekly in my business and I’ve used these flowers to differentiate myself from the competition and create irresistibly elegant cakes for my clients.

In this course I'll show you how you can do that too.

Creating the Perfect Peony isn’t so much a paint-by-numbers guide to your best flowers yet, but it’s...

A totally new way to view flower making. Gone are the days of spending too much time, money, and stress trying to figure all of this out on your own. I’m here to guide you through the whole process and answer your questions along the way.

Not only that, the techniques you’ll learn will expand the way you think about creating flowers from unique petal shapes to flawless and flowing sugar flower arrangements.

The end result: You, feeling like a flower queen (or king) and striding into your next day, ready to beautify the heck out of your cakes.

Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • Chapter 1 Overview

    • Making Your Gumpaste

    • Petal Practice

    • Creating your Base and Stem

  2. 3
    • Chapter 2 Overview

    • Colour, Roll and Cut your Petals

    • Layer 1: Inner Petals- Pink and Burgundy

    • Layer 2: Outer Petals- Pink and Burgundy

    • Layer 3: Outer Petals- Pink

    • Layer 3: Outer Petals- Burgundy

    • Creating your Calyx

  3. 4
    • Chapter 3 Overview

    • Dusting- Pink

    • Dusting- Burgundy

    • Repairing Broken Petals

    • Arranging your Perfect Peonies onto a Cake

  4. 5
    • Conclusion & Thank You

  5. 6
    • Classic Gumpaste Recipe Video & Download (from YouTube)

    • WELCOME- 5 Day Sugar Flower Challenge

    • DAY 1- 5 Day Sugar Flower Challenge (Hydrangeas)

    • Day 2- 5 Day Sugar Flower Challenge (Spray Roses)

    • Day 3- 5 Day Sugar Flower Challenge (Cherry Blossoms)

    • Day 4- 5 Day Sugar Flower Challenge (Silver Dollar Eucalyptus)

    • Day 5- 5 Day Sugar Flower Challenge (Dusting, Calyxes, Taping)

  6. 7
    • Peony Tools & Materials Checklist

    • Peony Sample Schedule & Flower Arranging "Recipe"

    • Peony Colouring Cheatsheet

Payment options

Two convenient options for different budgets.


From a first time sugar flower maker!

My First Sugar Flowers


I had a lot of uncertainties regarding sugar flowers making, such as if I'd like the process, how to make the flowers look realistic, how thin the petals should be, how to shape them, how to colour them and arrange them, etc… The Peony course provided tremendous value-- leading me by the hands every step of the way to finish a project that could be otherwise overwhelming. I love how fluffy my peonies are! I am very happy just by looking at the movements of the petals :). I would definitely recommend Alexandria and the Finespun Cakes Academy to anyone who is interested to learn sugar flowers.

Bonus material

Exclusive Bonus: Personal feedback on your first flower from me. This bonus is only available if you purchase by Sunday March 21st/2021 ($47 Value)

  • A Sample Schedule Checklist and Flower Arranging "Recipe" Guide ($27 Value)

    Stay organized and learn which modules to do on which days so you can be more efficient when making your flowers. Make the exact same cake and arrangement as I'm making with my Flower Arranging "Recipe" Guide.

  • A Peony Colouring Cheat Sheet for 5 of my favourite colour combinations and dusts ($19 Value)

    These are 5 of my favourite (real) peonies and how I'd colour them. From which gel pastes to colour your gumpaste with to where to concentrate the dust and which colours to blend to get it just right.

  • Lifetime access to my 5 Day Sugar Flower Challenge! ($67 Value)

    Enjoyed the 5 Day Sugar Flower Challenge? Maybe you want to practice the techniques more? You'll have lifetime access within this course.

Join Creating the Perfect Peony today and get…

The FULL Creating the Perfect Peony Program (a $307 value)

Chapter 1

Preparing for your Perfect Peony

  • Making white or super-saturated gumpaste colours from scratch. No more fighting with your gumpaste to get colours deep enough!

  • Petal Practice- going over the basic techniques you’ll need to use throughout the course.

  • Creating your Base and Stem- a lightweight base so we can add your peony to any cake without stressing about it tearing fondant, falling because of weight, or coming off of the wire.

Chapter 2

Creating your Perfect Peony

  • How best to colour, roll, and cleanly cut your gumpaste (I’ll be showing you the whole thing in 2 colours! Pink and burgundy so you see how the different gumpastes react)

  • Creating those tightly packed inner petals with ease

  • Creating outer petals without needing to wire them but still achieving that ultra-fluffy look.

  • Making an easy calyx with cutters you probably already have on hand.

Chapter 3

Adding Finishing Touches to your Perfect Peony

  • Dusting both your pink and burgundy flowers for maximum impact and pop.

  • Repairing broken petals (whoops! Mistakes happen.)
  • Arranging your Perfect Peonies onto a cake! How to achieve flawlessly flowing arrangements  on large and small tiers. Which flowers to use with your Peonies and how to think about the movement in each arrangement.

PLUS these limited time bonuses:

  • A Sample Schedule and Flower Arranging "Recipe" Guide so you can plan out your Perfect Peony... well... perfectly! ($27 Value)

  • Peony Colouring Cheat Sheet for my favourite colour combinations and dusts. ($19 Value)

  • Lifetime access to the 5 Day Sugar Flower Challenge! ($67 Value)

Exclusive Bonus: Join the Private Facebook Group to ask questions and connect with your fellow creators ($37/Month Value)

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of more than $300!

(A ridiculously low investment when you consider the hundreds of hours you could spend trying to figure it out on your own)

Need help ordering or got questions?

Email: info@finespuncakes.com

This program is for you if:

  • You LOVE making sugar flowers, you just need a bit of extra guidance to bring them to the next level (doesn't matter if you're a cake professional or a hobbyist, the techniques are the same!)

  • You’re passionate about cake making and want to try your hand at sugar flowers, even if it’s for the first time!

  • You want to push yourself to create bigger, more beautiful flowers with less stress and fewer tools

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You expect your flowers to magically appear with barely any work

  • You don’t want to put in any time to practice the techniques shown to you in the course

  • You aren’t willing to try out something new and don’t want guidance on your sugar flower journey

  • You don’t want to invest in the minimal tools required to achieve these beautiful results

Your 14-Day Best-Flower-Yet Money-Back Guarantee

This course will take you through everything you need to know to create your best peony yet. It is chock-full of my favourite techniques, tips and tricks and if you are willing to put in the work to practice and make the flower, I know it will work for you! I’m so confident that this course will get you your fluffiest, best peony yet that if you’ve tried the course and still don’t feel like it’s helped you achieve better peonies within 30 days, you will get a full refund, no strings attached.
100% satisfaction guarantee on a gold label with navy  blue banner

You made it to the bottom of the page!

Are you still on the fence? You will have 30 days to try it out and get a full refund if you don't love it, no questions asked. (I'm positive you won't have to use this refund because this course is so valuable, you're going to love it!) It's your turn to create your best flowers yet.